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Plasmapen Fibroblast, Dermapen Microneedling (only authorised Practioner in Fife) Microdermabrasion, Babor Facials, Intimate Waxing (Ladies) warm waxing, Lashes,(express) Lash Lift, Spray tan Xen, Nails (All) acrylic, Gel, Gelpolish, Massage Scentao Hot stones, Ultimate Massage (our very own Massage), remedial or deep tissue,Thai foot and leg (reflexology), Tibetan hand and arm massage,  not forgetting Gel Bodywraps.


We are also a Training School for Beauty 

(all classes are accredted with

Eva Zeilling Bodyworks

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For all your Beauty needs....... Derma Pen  Micro Needling,

Plasma Pen Blepharoplasty surgical lift without going under the knife,  

Micro dermabrasion,

Fifes Leaders in Intimate Ladies Waxing,


Nails E.G gel polish, Acrylic/Gel extensions various nail art,

Massage from Aisian Hot stones to the Ultimate Body massage, swedish, pre blended aromatherapy, to Body Wraps, Babor Facials.


SkinGenius Medical Aesthetics

Intoducing GP Dr Heather McCallum.........

who comes on Board from the 8th December to can provide

Anti-wrinkle injections 

Dermal Fillers for plumping and sculpting (Lips)

Cryotherapy for skintags/warts and leisons

and also available steriod injections for soft tissue or joint problems.

Skin Genius Aesthetics

Fibroblast Technology


Plasma Pen fibroblasting highly versatile non-surgical procedure that's stunnilingly effective in wrinkle smoothing. Eyelid tightening & eyelid hood reduction. it also lifts repairs regenerates & rejuvenates the skin (Blepharoplasty). This pioneering Plasma Pen can also treat a multitude of areas bringing life back into the skin, plumping and smoothing as it goes, Results from this pioneering Plasma Pen soft-surgery sublimation treatment and technology are virtually immediate and incredibly long lasting.

And its here At Eva Zellings 

Qualification Plasma Pen,Fibroblasting

Plasma Pen By Louise Walsh has arrived

plasma pen



TRAINING SCHOOL within, Facials, Micro dermabrasion,Waxing, Intimate Waxing,Massage Etc

Facial Care

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Jane Bryan Beauty Training is pleased to announce that Joan Millar of Eva Zeilling Bodyworks has joined our merry band of trainers.

Joan is based in Kirkcaldy, ...
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Beauty, holistic and Lash Lift, sparytans,(manual & gun) massage,waxing all types except gents intimate, training courses  Jane Bryan Beauty Training
All courses are approved and registered through Associated Beauty…



Is a cosetic procedure that uses fine diamond crystals and vacuum to remove dead skin cells on the face?  The benefit is to reduce the appearance of fine lines and minor skin blemishes to improve the appearance and texture of skin.  It works on all skin types, it is chemical free and non invasive yet achieves amazing results revealing younger youthful looking skin from the very first treatment. 

How does it work?

During the treatment a fine jet of abrasive crystals gently removes dead skin cells layer by layer and a vacuum action lifts way the debris, stimulating blood flow and encourages collagen and elastin back into the skin. 

With each treatment the intensity of the facial can be increased reaching to deeper layers and successfully removing acne scarring, lifting pigmentation and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 

 Lash lift

Perfect treatment for ladies who have poker straight lashes the answer is the lash lift treatment. Want longer, lifted and curled lashes without the use of mascara, well you need to try the lash lift treatment.  

 How does it work?

   All mascara is removed from eyelids

·         Shields are placed over bottom lashes to separate the top and bottom lashes

·         Clients keep eyes closed

·         The eyelash rods  are applied with special glue to lids of eyes  they come in small, medium and large

·         Lashes are then pulled back to the  eyelash rods

·         Lash lift lotion is applied to each eyelid from root to mid way of lashes

·         Lash lift is left on lashes for 7- 10 minutes

·         Lash lift lotion removed with micro -bed  brush

·         Lash fixing lotion then applied to each eye for 7 minutes

·         Lash fixing lotion is removed

·         Lashes are then tinted and left for a further  7 minutes

·         Lash tint is removed along with the eye shields

·         Lashes are wiped clean

·         Client shown their amazing results 



Wonderful treatment for those who want more from their lashes, no need for mascara every day, lasts upto 3-4 weeks